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The oversized coat - a fashion trend to adopt this winter

The highlight of this winter has certainly been the XXL volume of coats and outerwear this season. The cold and blustery winter weather leaves most of us dreaming about taking our duvets out and using them as makeshift winter wear - especially as getting out of bed is so difficult in the winter. Well, there's good news! We've come very close to doing just that this winter, but with coats that is. Here's a glance at the coats that have made our winter spotlight.


PRADA £2 135

H&M £59.99

Matériel £280

Mango £79.99

PrettyLittleThing oversized trench in check £50

Morgan - double breasted maxi coat in check £144

Rosie Asoulin £766

H&M £99.99

H&M £44.99


Melanie Puget is a student from France studying Fashion in the UK.

You can reach her via Instagram: @melanhe



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