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How To Wholeheartedly Love The Body You Are In

Take notice of the title given to this article. Read it once more. Let it sink in. The key words to focus on are, “That You are In.” Living in a world centered around our outward appe

arances and materialistic threads, it is hard to see that our internal life; the private world we each hold within us, is our real life which should be given our up-most respect, and fullest attention to.

You are inside a tangible and visible vessel judged by society day in and day out. And, if you let anyone bully your mind about your body, or about who you are then you have given them a powerful position that I call, The puppet master.

Allow no one to pull your strings. Know that your mind is part of the invisible, transcendent world of thought, attitude, and belief. Your mind is a battlefield and your soul; that is the core of who you are, and it is representing you by how you act, react, respond, and live every single day of your life.

So, if your inner world is a mess, then your outer world will be one too. If your soul isn’t healthy, your body will not be. That is factual backed by science, and it is divinely spiritual. As a wise man once said, “There are two dogs inside of me. One is mean, and evil, and the other is good, and kind, and they fight each other all the time. The one that wins is the one that I feed the most.” Which one do you feed the most? Answer this only in truth. Then watch clarity unfold unlike ever before about yourself, your life and your body.

Self-confidence, awareness, and acceptance is vital to the human condition. Without those in place and aligned correctly to guard yourself from the negativity that you will encounter daily; the good, and kind dog will lose. Allowing that is disrespecting yourself, your body, and the people that love you no matter what you look like.

Therefore, the moment you stop giving a damn about what anyone else says, or thinks about you is the moment you have started loving the body you are in. The day you rebuke the nagging negative thoughts aiming to disrupt your mind is the day you have started loving the body you are in. Yes, taking care of your physical being is vital to loving your body. From what you put in it to how you exercise matters, but the true love for your body remains steadfast within your mind, and your soul. In your heart.

Our bodies are flesh and bone. They wither, and they get injured. They age, and then they fade away. That is inevitable, but life is short and each day you live, your mind-set must be synced with positivity, and empathy for yourself, as well as those you surround yourself with.

I cannot stress to you enough that to love the body you are in is to be kind to yourself, and to banish anyone or anything that tries to pervert that. Do not let your mind be bullied about your body, and in turn do not let your mind bully your body. To feel free is where you must be.

Whether it is your weight, or your hair, or your nose, whatever it is, be where you feel free. If you are not there, then make a list of what you need to do to get there along with things you are grateful for that you and your vessel can do today. Life is always now. We live on borrowed time. Self-loathing is not an option any longer. There is only one you, so be good to her, and go get your liberation.

Stick it to the air brushed models shoved in our faces, and to the people that call us fat after bearing children. Stick it to societies standards, and then stick out like a sore thumb being the person you were uniquely designed to be.

There is no one to rival you so rid yourself of comparisons, and envy. Accept your body, mind, and spirit and let no one incarcerate you by who they perceive you to be. Allow yourself room to grow, and to heal during the chaos that flies by you every day and be exceptional.

Only then can you find where you feel free, and only then can you truly love the body you are in and take the necessary steps you must towards self-acceptance whilst loving every single minute of it. It is attainable no matter where your inner world is right now, but you must take the leap, and put in the effort. Feed the right dog, the good one, and only allow those around you to feed it as well.


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