1o Questions with...jocelyn haubert 

6th April 2018

This week we sit down with Jocelyn Haubert, make-up maverick, business woman and owner of Jocelyn Mariah Makeup Artistry.



1. How did you get started in your field?


I’ve always been into beauty and would do hair & makeup for homecoming and charge a small fee to friends. But I began working in the beauty industry officially at 18. Fresh out of high school, I moved to the city with no money and no job! Sephora happily took me under their wing and introduced me to the gigantic world of cosmetics. 


2. What are your top 3 tips on balancing work life and motherhood?


1.Take time for yourself, both are extremely demanding and you can easily forget that you yourself are running on empty.


2. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, someone to take the kids or even outsource tasks that you trust someone else to do.

3. Be patient and gentle with yourself. Juggling so many balls, it’s pretty inevitable that you’re going to drop one once in a while. Don’t stress, just pick it back up and get back to juggling. ​


3. How do you get motivated?


I get motivated by other women entrepreneurs! Whether it's meeting with other creative women for a styled shoot, or listening to a podcast of some of my favorite business women, I find that surrounding myself with other ladies who are doing the same thing, raising families and running a business really gets me excited! It also helps me see that I’m not alone in the struggles that come with it.


4. How do you define success?


I define success as finding a balance between what makes you happy and what does good for the world around you.



5. What’s your favourite fashion staple?


My current favourite fashion staple is a good jacket, something not too heavy. Both light and neutral enough to throw over anything, but elegant enough to jazz up any outfit. 


"I like to wake up before the kids, have my coffee and quietly start my day. After that I love getting them excited and motivated with a dance party!" 






6. What is your favourite mantra?


Something I repeat daily to myself is a piece of scripture that I hold dearly. “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” -Philippians 4:13. This one has really helped me get through some challenging moments. 


7. What food have you never eaten but would love

to try?

I've never tried escargot - but I’m dying to find out for myself what the texture is really like!


8. Do you have any tips to kickstart a positive



My favorite thing to do to kickstart a positive morning is alone time. I like to wake up before the kids, have my coffee and quietly start my day. After that I love getting them excited and motivated with a dance party! Good, uplifting music in the morning really sets the tone for everything to follow.


9. If you didn’t work in your field where would you be now?

If I wasn’t in the beauty industry I think I would have been a wedding dress designer. It’s one of my favourite aspects of working a wedding, getting to see them with their dress on and that moment of excitement where they realise “This is really happening!”.



10. Who has been your biggest supporter?

This is tough because I would say it’s an equal tie between my husband and my mother. Both are supportive in different ways but their support is unwavering and for that I am so grateful.


You can see more of Jocelyn and get in touch with her at:


Website: www.jocelynmariahmakeup.com

Instagram: JocelynMariah.Makeup/Household.Celeb

Facebook: Jocelynmariah.makeup