5 Signs That You're

Probably Ready For

New Career

by Team Mama Wins 

June 9th, 2018 at 8:00pm

The all too familiar mind-numbing feeling of having to wake up to return to work on a Monday morning really shouldn't be ignored. With many of us feeling glum about Monday's, it's so important that our schedule and work be looked at. I mean Monday's aren't really that bad are they? Shouldn't they be seen as an opportunity to start afresh, conquer challenges from the week before and a chance to refresh, not a day to be ruled out of our weekly calender as preposterous?


Pressing snooze or feeling anxious about your 1.5 hour commute to work every morning should so be a thing of the past. But no, we are still a nation of workers who loathe routine, monotony and our jobs, with The London School of Business and Finance (LSBF) identifying that almost 50% of employees actually want to leave their place of work.


Being unsatisfied at work can lead to many issues, such as stress and anxiety and personal relationship problems, with unfulfillment having a huge effect on our self-esteem and confidence. So what are some of the key signs you should be looking out for that could mean that you, in fact, need a change of career? 

The Snooze Has Become Your BFF

Every morning your usual 6:30am alarm get's reset without fail or resistance to the snooze button. You just can't bear waking up and always end up rising later than you should have, which results in you being late, which in turn get's you in trouble with the boss, which messes up your day, and well then it all spirals out of control from there. What a crap start to the morning, eh?




You Hate Your Daily Commute 

You dread your daily 1.5 hour commute to and from work and by the time you actually get in you've been accosted by several sweaty armpits, have almost broken a heal on the escalator and your phone battery is almost dead.


For many, the commute in to and out of work is the biggest and toughest part of the day. If you have to leave extra early just to get into work by 9:00 am, this could have a major effect on the way you perceive work and your interactions or lack thereof for the rest of the day, not to mention leave you feeling exhausted and frustrated. 

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You Regularly Take Toilet Breaks

Now the toilet breaks I speak of are not a result of a sensitive stomach or some kind of incontinence problem, no far worse, you choose to sit in the toilet to avoid everyone at any cost. You need constant breaks from the office hoo-ha, side eyes, braggers and foul breathed boss. Yes, the toilet has sadly become an unsavoury sanctuary, where you consider your options and make calls of despair to your mum.

You Can No Longer Bare The Office Politics

The usual day to day 'he said-she said' discussions have started to go over your head. I mean you used to like to vent about colleagues and your boss who irks you, but now it no longer takes the edge off and makes the day go faster, you now just find it negative, emotionally draining and no longer have the decency to nod and smile, you simply shrug and walk off. 

You've Considered Smashing Your Computer On More Than One Occasion

Now, we have all been there at least once. Frustration is running high and anger almost gets's the better of you. But if you are at your place of work where your nerves are supposed to be as calm and concealed as a wall- flower and you've actually given a passing thought to throwing your computer across the room, then it may be time to consider where the frustration is stemming from and if its work placed anger then it may be time to really consider a career change.

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