How To Kick Your Inner Lazy Girl To The Curb 

 by Cristina Suarez | June 4th, 2018 10:14 pm


If you want to be an achiever there are some major life habits that you are going to need to rid your self of.  Staying up late, scrolling like an incesant social media maniac, procrastination, bad food and most importantly laziness. 

I mean we all have those monemts when we want nothing but to chill on the sofa watching endless seasons of meaningless shows on Netflix, but Netflix already have their millions so it's time to work on getting yours. 


Now how can we ditch the lazy girl inside and reincarnate her with a much positive, motivated and sassy badass instead? Here's how.

Cristina Suarez is a Social Media Manager and the founder of Digital Mother Hustles, an ingenious company depicted by bright and bold colours. She is based in Kent where she lives with her two children. 

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