How To Rock Red

March 18, 2018

The colour that many of us avoid, many wouldn't even dream of wearing and many associate with that of the lady of the night (a comment  mostly made by our dearest mothers).  So what is it about the infamous colour that makes us run a mile from it, when the colour signifies strength, power, confidence and sexiness all wrapped into one, why are we not embracing this amazing hue?   


If you're worried, don't be you can go bold or start small. Team a red gypsy dress with a dark biker jacket, a strong blouse with denim or for the shy at heart, just start with some super subtle lipstick. Whatever your choice, you'll knock 'em dead. Here are some of or key finds this week to get you started.



1. Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Per Couture 

2. River Oxblood red faux suede biker jacket




3. Topshop Mojito Striped Sock Boots 







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