Why Sage should so be on your shopping list?

Now, we're not talking the ordinary supermarket shelf type. We're talking the un refined stuff, in it's natural and purest form. Now that we've got that out of the way, so why sage? Sage is pretty much an energy cleanser, like a natural vacuum cleaner for negative vibes. For many years indigenous people have been using it to rid individuals or spaces of negative energy and to create an overall sense off well being. If your're feeling a little sluggish, demotivated or just simply feel that things are how do we put it? A little off! Then cleansing your home, office or workspace by burning sage (smudging) can do wonders for providing a clean, positive and energised atmosphere, as sage actually clears bacteria in the air.

Wondering how to carry out smudging correctly? Here's our guide.


Smudging sticks can be found online or in your local healing shop. Once you've retrieved one take some time to plan your energy cleansing session. Preferably when the kids are not home and you are feeling peaceful and calm. Some people like to prepare a short prayer, or words to say also. You could try...

"Thank you for clearing negativity from my life. Please continue to protect me and my loved ones and ensure we can live in peace, happiness and harmony".


Begin by opening all windows and doors and it's probably a good idea to turn off your smoke alarm (not forgetting to turn it back on afterwards!) Take the smudging stick and hold at a 45 degree angle and begin to light with either a match or lighter, making sure to burn all leaves at the top. It also helps to fan or blow to keep the stick smouldering.


Starting from the top of your home and focusing initially in the corners start to move around slowly ensuring that the entire space has been touched by the smoke. If clearing the negative energy from a person then start from the head (about a foot away), working your way down, paying close attention to the hands and bottoms of the feet.


Once the cleansing has finished you will begin to feel a rise in pure energy and a shift in the overall atmosphere, with a great sense of serenity. The smell of the sage is also quite soothing and adds a unique aroma to your home.


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