29 Of The Coolest Baby Names For The Millenial Mama

Baby names are so hot right now, and the quirkier, the better, right? Especially with celebrities naming their offspring with some of the most erm unique names that most of us will ever come across. Granted, we may not fancy registering our bundles with names akin to the likes of 'Stormi' or 'Winter' but we do want something that will stand out in a class full of Emma's and Tom's (apologies if you are in fact an Emma or Tom) and a name that friends will intially look bewildered over and then eventually offer a 'hmm, I kind of like it'.

So, in an age of new trends and uniqueness we've narrowed some of our best loved baby names, for you, the millenial mama. Oh, and when your family and friends begin to applaud you on your name choice, do not forget to thank us!

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