Yay, spring seems to be in full swing, (although a little questionable at times.) The days are longer and brighter and our outfit choices might also be too.


But when it comes to makeup - lipstick, in particular, some of us are not going for brighter hues and want to opt for something a little more subtle. Even if to just keep our lips moisturised, hydrated and feeling supple.  


So, if you're a little shy with donning the good old red lippy, then we've sourced some of the more understated lipsticks on the market, that you can wear, yes even on the run to school.


Here are 10 fantastic options, including drugstore finds, department store splurges, and all-natural options.

Tom Ford

Lip Colour Sheer



Sheer Lipstick



Fully Nude Lip Trio




Rouge Coco Shine 

Hydrating Colour Lip Shine




Sheer Temptation Lipstick 


Charlotte Tilbury

Hot Lips Lipstick


Giorgio Armani

Ecstasy Laquer



Lipstick in Bare



Lasting Finish By Kate Nude Collection 


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